Double filtered groundnut oil for your healthy life...

About our legacy

Over the past 100 years, Dharti Singtel has evolved from a regional marketer of Groundnut Oil started by the Thakkar's Great Grandfathers in Gujarat to one of the country's largest and oldest quality Groundnut Oil makers. Today we operate in the entire country and are best known as the 100 % pure Groundnut Oil company by our dedicated, loyal customers who love our product's purity. With more and more families choosing to cook in Dharti Singtel's pure and healthy oil, we have taken pride in making Groundnut Oil from our country's soil for the past five generations, responsibly driving modern India.

About our legacy

Pure and Quality product is our Priority

We provide healthiest groundnut oil which is filtered twice and made up of high-quality peanuts. To provide finest and healthiest product, oil is poured and packed in Metallic tin container.

100% natural groundnut oil extracted

metallic tin container used in packaging

Contains vitamin A, D & E

Only seasoned peanuts used

Double filtered before packaging

No Essence & Chemicals

Zero preservatives

Zero cholesterol

Our top selling product

Our top selling product

Groundnut Oil is high in minerals and vitamins. Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, calcium, sodium, & other minerals are among them. It also contains vital vitamins that aid in the regulation of metabolism, the conversion of fat and carbs to energy, and the creation of bone and tissue. Groundnut seeds mature underground. It is high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are good for the heart.

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Liter Sizes Available:
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How we extract groundnut oil

Our range of products includes peanut butter, masala & salted peanuts & double filtered peanut oil


Procurement of High Quality Peanuts from Farmers


Bring Peanuts to Manufacturing Unit


Decortication of Groundnut


Crushing of Groundnut to Extract Oil


Double Filteration for High Quality Oil


Police Filteration


Storing in Tank for Sometimes Till Oil Comes to Normal Temprature


Poring in Metal Tin Container


High Quality Packaging


Dispatch to Customer

Benefits of groundnut oil

We believe only in using only pure seasoned peanuts for healthy lifestyle

Anti - Ageing

Weight Loss

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Maintain Blood Sugar Level

Reduces Risk of Cardiac

We are available in

We believe only in using only pure seasoned peanuts for healthy lifestyle

What Nutritionist Says

We believe only in using only pure seasoned peanuts for healthy lifestyle

Shreya Oza - Expert Nutritionist

Dharti Groundnut double refined oil since 30 years

Shreya Oza is an expert Nutritionist describes the Health Benefits of Dharti Groundnut Oil, watch it and make the best choice for a healthy lifestyle!

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